Web Development

I create eye catching websites for static webpages, or simple e-commerce. I'm fairly cheap as I mostly use the weebly site as a CMS, so there is the monthly fee associated. If you have your own host and want me to hand code the site, it'll be more expensive, but you can do way more with it. I am solid with CSS, and HTML, with some Java and Jquery, even a bit of PHP/ASP, but I need quite a bit of work with JavaScript more, and other languages like C++ to be able to link up with apps - where the website is a separate function onto it's self, and the app does it's own thing, but they share the same data. If you are looking for someone to do maintenance, or build a site from CMS (Wix, Woodpress,Weebly, Joomla) , or even from hand, that is simple, and straight forward, I'm your guy. As a graphic designer by trade, I can produce an eye popping site, that animates, and responds to the user. Creating forms and gathering info from customers/clients/viewers/audience is important, which I can create for you as well. This also can bridge into app or game development, so be sure to look at what I have to offer. The way it works is send me contact. If we can agree to things, then you simply book my services. I don't start until I have received the security deposit to ensure that you're serious about the project.

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