Game Projects

I made some interesting work in the past 4+ years, from a Katamari clone where debris sticks to this ball that you push around, giving you the ability to explore different parts of the world. I also made a bomberman style game, smashbrothers, and a 3D side scroller where the camera moves with the player on it's path. Recently I made a quick project where you can slip between states in time - so dark world vs light world. Unreal Engine is just that, unreal, it's allowed me to create some interactive art, and I get to express my self on a whole different level. Throughout the life of this website, you'll see work come through here, and it will be interesting to say the least. I've left out 4 of some solid gems, that hopefully I'll be running with. I'm already leaning into VENA VR with the Virtual Reality Art Gallery! This website has giving me the motivation to finish the projects I started. So stay tuned!

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