Game Dev

I create games of all sorts, from 3D Sidescrollers, procedurally generated levels like other popular point and click dungeon crawlers, or even learning apps for kids. I make games with Unreal Engine, but I also do other tasks well that feed into any pipeline, so long as I'm not having to program, or manage the programming. I also work with VR to produce unique and lush environments that can teach and be a hub for culture! I'm capable of making small games like learning or training apps, small 360 environments. card and casino games like poker and slots, racing games, or educational science apps that explain things interactively. You'll need to have a consultation on this first before we get going however. Depending on scope, some ideas might be suited for a larger team, or one more specified to something you might be looking for. However, if you like what I do, and want me aboard on a project, I'm all set up and ready to take on new clients.

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