Finally remade my site!

It's good to have a virtual home, and this time I plan on leaning into it. I want to document what I'm learning, training, portfolio entries, projects I'm involved in (If I'm allowed to share the work). Also, I do a lot of touring of local places, events, and I'm an advocate of our local Arts and Culture, so I'll be feeding that stuff onto the site. Another function, and the obvious one, is generating clientele ~ as it stands right now, I would like to grow my clientele, and so having my services online for the world to see is the best thing for me right now. I currently have a lot going on, VENA VR, Graphic Design working for clients who do a variety of things, meaning I get to offer a full range of services for these amazing companies. For personal projects, I'm working on a learning app, and I'm learning how to code in Python better. Eventually I want to get into robotics and make some fun apps. You'll see that unfold here

VR project I made for November at CTRL V
This is a screen from VENA VR, a project I completed in November.

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