I am currently open to work with growing businesses and creative individuals with various services and industries. There is a booking services form on my site, that links to my drop box and paypal. The following services I provide: - Texture Designing with Substance suite, Photoshop and Unreal Engine - 3D Props with Unreal Engine and 3DStudioMax/Blender - Level Designer with Unreal Engine - Character Designing with Zbrush, 3DStudioMax, Substance, Unreal Engine - Blue Print Programming with Unreal Engine - Animation BluePrinting with Unreal Engine, 3D StudioMax - UI Design with Unreal Engine and Photoshop/Illustrator - Website UX/UI - Signage - Vinyl Deco Vector files - Vector art for screen printing - Logo/Business Cards - Flyer/Brochure - Labels/Packaging - Website Development with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SQL, and some PHP - Python IoT with Visual Studio and Python 3.7

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