App Development

I'm still at the very end of learning more of the advanced stuff, but I am very familiar with C++, Java, JavaScript, and other necessary systems needed to run a particular function in your operation, workplace, office, or personal project. My overall skill shows more in my game making, but as time progresses on you'll see my portfolio start to expand. Currently I'm working on personal utility tools, and other fun gadgets. I'll release a couple for you all soon. You can at least side load them into your phone, as it costs $ to have them in google play. If you're interested, send me an email and try me out on a project that just needs man power to build from a general blueprint like if you have a mind map of your project, and listing off all of the headers, and libraries being sourced, and standards (like agreed notation of file naming). Go on the main page and find the services section if you already want my services, but want to put it through the conveyor belt.

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