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Play as an insect of your choice; evolve, colonize, survive, by exploring this massive world of bugs!

Using Unreal Engine 4, I've been recently engaged in a body of work that I've been thinking of for years: how awesome would it be to live out the life of a bug, and see the world through their eyes. 

Intending to be part adventure, other part teaching tool, I hope to instill the love of bugs to show the significance of their existence, by creating a lush world where you play as one of your favourite critters, and evolve them throughout playing the game.

Start out as a larvae of a species of your choosing, and grow, explore, colonize, and do missions for your ecosystem, while unlocking strange worlds, above, the surface, or below. What will you pick?

What is it?


Picking Your Species





Each species will be specific to a playing style, and will have various strengths and weaknesses, similar to other adventure games, like character classes.

The Beetle features more melee and brute strength, the wasp dealing more of a ranged attack style, the spider dealing more Area Of Effect, and ants being more Damage Per Second (DPS) heavy, involving many of it's brothers to join into to battle.

Each species starts in a different location, and has unique access to areas that the others can't get to. Wasps have flight, spiders can connect to sections that seem disconnected, and ants and beetles are a mix of both, where ants have more of a sub terrarian ecosystem, that opens lush cave systems and new worlds.

First look at low poly versions, without rig, and not unwrapped for sculpting and texturing

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