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Is skilled with multiple platforms,
and disciplines, mostly around Game Development, but branch in different directions.

Location: Welland, Ontario, Canada

Some of these are:
Graphic Designer:
Makes Websites, branding, signage, UI and more.
3D Modeller:
Creates low and high poly models with LOD, materials, and skinned.

Material Designer/Painter:
Designing materials that are procedurally generated with PBR
Game Development:
Writes, animates, programs, designs, and markets games
Programming (UE4 BluePrint):
Imagination is the only thing that limits what I can do with programming games
Take high quality photography for head shots, textures, and products

For Hire:

Looking for skilled labour?:
I am available for contract based work for anything listed off to the side menu on this page.

Game Dev:

Web Design:


110+ pieces of art
20+ artists

6 Rooms



VR Art Gallery with 120+ pieces of art, 20 artists and 6 rooms to a lush looking 3D environment for Oculus Go.

World view and Product shots
The work I do is functional, or a reflection of the landscapes of Southern Ontario. The links below 

connect to sets, tutorials, repair guides, reviews, and portfolio pieces of contract work.

Phantom Coin:
A Game Jam done in a week, where you play through 4 levels of an action packed platformer.

Past Work:


Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler:
Procedural dungeons, modular armor and character designer, tons of items, and great multiplayer!



Wave Survival:
Necro Craft is a wave survival game, where you craft and expand areas to better your chances against a skeletal horde. 
This was a Game Jam game made in 3 weeks.


Submerged in a bug world, play as different bugs to survive, colonize and do missions for your species. 


Current Work:

I've been creating websites for more than a decade; with modern cms and website builders, I make websites that my clients can build afterwards without worry.


Game Assets:

3D Models, Textures, Materials, Animations that work in games of all sizes:

I create assets for Unreal Engine 4.22 currently, and do everything from High poly to low poly sculpting. The modelling includes rigging, skinning, unwrapping, material designing, and texture compression techniques to get the most out of the materials used.

The animations I've created range from simple door hinges, to complex bugs featuring multiple arms, legs, wings and tail.

In the engine, I create hair/cloth modifiers, socket additions to attach components to the skeleton, material blending, morph targetting, complex texturing that uses multi channels for masks.

I also develop FX assets for particles, light profiles, procedural cube maps for reflections, depth materials and many more complex processes.

My work takes me anywhere from a couple of hours to weeks, depending on the complexity, and quality desired. 

Graphic Design:

Patterns - Interfaces - Design

Graphics that tell a story, and diagram:
The work I do ranges from branding, signage, marketing, UI/UX, web-graphics, animations, games, concepts, designs, blueprints, and presentations. 

Check out some of my recent work, tutorials, designs, and portfolio work from contracts. 


I take images, sketches, jpeg's of graphics and vectorize them.

Why vectors? 

Because they take up less space, are very accurate both very large, and very small. You can use them to etch a design with a laser on a ring, or wrap a face on a Jet. 


I create the graphics for labels, stamps, businesscards, lawn signs, door signs, ect.

I could also recommend some great local and internet based services for printing on Alupanel, corplast, cardstock, vinyl ect. 


Posters, Brochures, Calendars, magazines, flyers, wedding invitations, stag and doe, tickets.

If you need something with information in a graphical layout, I'm your guy!

Web Design:

A Website that tells a story:
The sites I make are simple, and are meant to be read like a magazine; information at a glace, but backed with an Arts background. 

Powerful CMS:
With the help of Wix Website builder, I provide clients with an eye catching website that has a lot of features that are prebuilt, and can be accessed and edited by the clients


Exciting Graphics:
Parallax background, videos, svg shapes, there is always something new to the palette, as I am constantly upgrading. 

Social Media:

A Website that tells a story:
Drive traffic to your site through social media - the site is a means to attract all audiences on the net, because not everyone is on Social Media, but everyone can access a website.

I will help manage your social media, often posting from Hootesuite, or Instagram to do multiple postings in one push, or scheduling posts on all platforms.

Stay current, keep on top, and drive traffic!

Consultation at no cost to you!
Contact NOW


Here is a helpful link to an informative website, to calculate how much it will cost to create a website:

Page rank, and optimization:
Search Engine Optimization, is all about having an optimized website, backlinks hosted by relevant and reputable websites, and traffic. 

Getting your site on pages like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google Earth, creating a mobile version of your site with CSS,seeing and managing your backlinks from other sites, while inserting meta-data into your photos, and webpages.

Nothing is guaranteed, but all those extra steps ensures a higher page rank on google, and other search engines. 


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